Dinner Menu

Mama's specials

  • Gefilte fish

    Gefilte fish made from different types of fish, such as carp, whitefish or pike
  • Chicken liver flambe

    Fried chicken liver with onion,spices and chef's sauce
  • Latkes

    Potato pancakes are shallow-fried, made from ground potato, flour and egg, often flavoured with grated onion
  • Kishka "Fin a groisser bush!"

    Homemade sausage with mushroom sauce
  • Poperechka "Mein tates balebte"

    Boiled beef brisket with buckwheat and beans
  • Esik-fleisch "A zai ur of mir"

    Sweet and sour beef, by my mother's recipe
  • "A scheine elzale"

    Classic Jewish dish, stuffed chicken "neck"

Mama's soups

  • Chicken Broth

    Chicken broth with homemade noodles or kreplach or matzah balls
  • Broccoli Cream soup

    Toronto taste a thick and satisfying broccoli soup that makes a delicious lunch
  • Solyanka soup

    Made with assorted smoked meats, olives, capers
  • Kharcho soup

    Georgian meat soup with rice, vegetables and spices
  • Fish soup

    "Uha" fish soup with assortment of fish and spices
  • Red Borscht

    Meatless red borscht served with sour cream

Cold Starters

  • Pickles

    Assorted pickels (tomatos, cucumber, cabage) right from the barrel
  • Meat assortment

    $ 16.95
    Veal tonque, chicken roullet
  • Fish assortment

    Assortment of cold-smoked fish
  • Herring

    Herring fillet pieces with onion and olives
  • Farshmak "Gehakte herring"

    Herring fillet with minced apple, eggs, onions
  • Tomatoes and Feta Cheese

    Cheese platter with tomatoes
  • Bean Tsimes "A Yiddishe sniper"

    Mashed bean paste with roasted onion, olive oil, and spices
  • Holodets

    Tender meat jelly with spiced horseradish, Russian stile
  • "Olivier" salad

    Meat, diced potatoes,egggs, carrots, greeen peas, pickles with a touch of mayo
  • Hummus

    Served with olive oil, paprika
  • "Odessa" salad

    Braised eggplant with homemade oil, spices and tomatoes. Odessa style
  • Village style eggplant

    Grilled eggplant salad with homemade oil, spices and tomatoes
  • Chicken Liver pate

    Delicious chicken liver spread

Hot Appetizers

  • Mamaliga «My Moldova!»

    cornmeal served by your choice of feta cheese, sour cream or deep fried chicken greaves.
  • Mititei

    grilled traditional sausages served with sweet peas and onions.
  • Cutlet

    homemade turkey burger. (2 pc)

Flour Dishes

  • Placinta

    Homemade baked pastries with farmer's cheese and herbs, potatoes with onion or cabbage
  • Khachapuri

    Traditional Georgian boat shaped bread filled with melted cheese and topped with half cooked egg,
  • Pelmeni

    Russian style perogies stuffed with ground chicken or veal
  • Vareniki

    Ukraine style perogies stuffed with potato and onion or mushrooms or cabbage or salt or sweet cottage cheese or cherries
  • Crepes

    Crepes with chicken or mushroom or cottage cheese
  • Syrniki

    Russian style cottage cheese pancakes
  • Chebureki

    Fried turnovers filled with ground lamb or veal

Mama's Salads

  • Caeser

    Crisp romaine and aged Parmesan cheese in mama's creamy dressing
  • Homemade salad

    Cucumbers, tomatoes, onion and dill with aromatic oil and lemon
  • Greek salad

    Salad greens, red onion, cucumbers, tomatoes, feta cheese, seasoned with a touch of olive oil
  • Beet salad

    Beet , nuts, raisins with garlic and mayo
  • Coleslaw salad

    Chopped cabbage and carrots with sour and sweet sauce with olive oil
  • Garden salad

    Spring mix, red onion, tomatoes and cucumbers with mama's dressing

Main meat dishes

  • Lamb Chops

    Lamb steak with your choice of side dish: crispy ,boiled, mashed potatoes, rice, buckwheat, french fries
  • New York Steak 10oz

    The King of steak it comes with your choice of side dish
  • Veal Chops Steak

    Grilled and brushed with mama's sauce it comes with your choice of side dish
  • Rack Of Lamb

    Lamb chops in a spicy sauce with your choice of side dish
  • Dark chicken meat shishkebab

    Served with your choice of side dish
  • Chicken breast shishkebab

    Served with your choice of side dish
  • Lamb Shishkebab

    served with your choice of side dish
  • Chicken"Kiev"

    Breaded chicken breast fillet pounded and rolled around cold garlic, butter and herbs with your choice side dish
  • Chicken "Tabaka"

    Roasted flattened chicken with garlic and herbs, served with your choice of side dish
  • Breaded Chicken Schnitzel

    Boneless chicken breast coated with flour, mashed eggs and fried
  • Uzbek Pilaf

    Lamb, rice, carrot, onion and spices

Main fish dishes

  • Rainbow Trout

    Rainbow trout fillet served with your choice of side dish
  • Salmon Steak

    Grilled salmon steak with lemon sauce, served with your choice of side dish
  • Sea Bream

    Sea bream garnished with lemon sauce,served with your choice of side dish